Excessive skin pigmentation can happen to anyone at any time in life. There are many reasons for uneven coloration of the skin. One of the most common reasons is exposure to sunlight, which stimulates melanin, resulting in tanning and freckles. Factors such as health conditions can result in redness, spider veins and scarring, but sometimes these happen naturally with age. Although treatment of age spots might sound like something for mature people, anyone can take steps to improve their skin tone with this minimally-invasive procedure.

Am I Too Old for IPL Photofacial Procedures?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacial treatments are designed to even out skin tones that have become patchy with uneven blots of color. Although such spots are often associated with age, anyone can get pigmentation treatment, whether they have large, embarrassing spots or smaller freckles. Both the young and mature people can experience unsightly pigmentation troubles. IPL photofacial treatments are gentle and don’t pose much risk, so they’re safe for old and delicate skin. Treatment involves one or two short sessions with a professional who uses a laser gun to send a few wavelengths of pulsed light at troubled areas to break up the hyperactive cells to permit natural healing.

When Is the Best Time for Pigmentation Treatment?

This sort of treatment involves light and heat, which by themselves aren’t very damaging, but patients are advised to avoid excessive heat and sunlight around the time of treatment. Other than that, anytime is a good time to get treatment. Young people can dramatically reduce their risk of age spots by starting early, and those with more mature skin can enjoy reversing some of the damages with spot-on treatment. When’s the best time to get treatment? The day you decide you’re done being embarrassed about your uneven skin tones is the perfect time to contact Eugenia Berchenko RN to schedule a consultation.