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LATISSE® in West Hollywood

LATISSE® has been proven to be the most effective and easy way to transform thin and short  lashes to full, voluminous and thick eyelashes that will guarantee instant confidence. With LATISSE®, all you have to do is simply apply the formula upon the upper lash line once every night, as instructed by a medical professional, and you should already start seeing results within just 4 weeks of consistent application! If applied correctly and nightly, your new and full set of lashes will unveil at the end of 16 weeks. LATISSE® is the first ever lash growing product to be an FDA approved prescription treatment designed specifically as a catalyst to helping boring short lashes reach their full potential of beauty and it has also been clinically proven to promote eyelash growth. Get in touch today if you want to see what LATISSE can do for your lashes.

Latisse by Eugenia West Hollywood


  • $179 per 5 ml vial

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