Through the universally recognized and phenomenal works of Botox, a vast majority of people choose to combat signs of aging using these procedures. Although Botox is more commonly known, with new developments arising in the modern world, Newtox is a state-of-the-art treatment that eliminates fine lines and wrinkles while implementing unparalleled programs. Eugenia Berchenko, RN, BSN, is a critically acclaimed expert in the field of Newtox injections and treatment for men and women in West Hollywood, California.  Call to learn more or book a book a consultation online.

What Is Newtox?

Jeuveau Newtox by Eugenia BerchenkoJeuveau, also known as Newtox, is a Botox alternative wrinkle-reduction solution. However, this recently created and FDA-approved neurotoxin was designed exclusively for cosmetic purposes. For this reason, the pricing is lower than Botox, which is also used in other medical treatments.

What Areas Are Treated with Newtox?

Jeuveau targets wrinkle-prone areas around the face, namely crow’s feet and glabellar lines. The glabellar lines are the lines that form vertically between the eyebrows and horizontally on the forehead.

How Does Newtox Address the Signs of Aging?

When injected at the site of lines and creases in the face, the neurotoxin allows the muscles in these areas, which naturally contract and cause the wrinkles, to stop contracting. Depending on the timing of the treatment, the injection may also aid in preventing the development of new lines and wrinkles by keeping these areas smooth.

How Long Does Newtox Last?

Every person is different, so individual results of treatment may vary. However, many people who use Newtox get a maintenance injection around every 90 days. The results of a treatment may last anywhere from three to six months.

How Soon Will I See Results of Newtox?

In most cases, patients start seeing results from an injection in as early as two days. However, it can take up to 10 days to see the full and final results of the treatment.


  • $12.99 per unit.

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