Are you worried that you may look older than you are due to years of sun exposure, uneven skin tone or redness on your face? If so, an IPL Photofacial procedure may be right for you.

What Is IPL Treatment?

Intense Pulsed Light therapy is a non-surgical treatment that uses pulsating light and heat. Light is directed at the skin’s surface and turns to gentle heat as it reaches the upper layers of your skin. The treated areas absorb the heat, stimulating skin cells to produce collagen.

How Can IPL Photofacial Treatment Help with Premature Aging?

If you have had years of sun exposure, you may be dealing with UV damage. It can deteriorate skin cells, reducing their ability to produce melanin. As a result, you may have large freckles and brown spots. UV damage can also cause premature wrinkling and broken capillaries that cause facial redness.

IPL laser treatment changes your skin cells’ configuration, altering their genes and causing them to respond like healthy, young cells. It also removes discolored cells deep in the skin.

If you’re ready to treat your premature aging and look younger again, Eugenia Berchenko RN always utilizes new aesthetic technology to help people with skin issues. Book an appointment today to learn how IPL treatment can benefit you.