Most people struggle with unwanted body hair. To get rid of it, people spend countless dollars on waxing sessions or inconvenient shaving. If you want to flaunt yourself in shorts or a sleeveless top without worrying about razor burn, then you might want to consider laser hair removal. After all, it’s a harmless, long-lasting alternative to waxing. For the best results, you may want to wait until late summer or early fall to remove your hair.

Laser Hair Removal Can Cause Sun Sensitivity

After a laser hair removal treatment, you may be more sensitive to sunlight. Once through with your treatment, you will want to wait at least one month before you try to tan. If you spend too long in the sun, it could cause skin damage or discoloration. For many people, it is easier to wait until the end of summer, when the temptation to tan won’t be present.

Laser Hair Removal Can Take Multiple Sessions

Even the best laser hair removal isn’t a one-time session. Most laser hair removal will require about six treatments. If you wait until the beginning of summer, you may not be finished with your treatments before summer ends. Now, if you don’t spend a lot of time in the sun or if you stay covered in the summer, then starting in the summer may be okay. However, you may want to wait until summer is coming to a close to begin your treatments.

Every year people choose laser hair removal. While technically you can choose laser hair removal at any time of year, you may want to take the end of summer into serious consideration. If you start before fall, then you can go through your treatments when you’re more likely to stay inside or cover up. If you’re ready to get involved with laser hair removal, then it’s time to contact Eugenia Berchenko RN for the best removal services.