Let’s face it: As you get older, under-eye bags or puffiness make you look tired even when you’re well-rested, and they can make you look older, too. So, what can you do about this unfortunate problem that for many women and men is simply part of the natural aging process? Are you resigned to wearing under-eye concealer for the rest of your life?

If you live in West Hollywood, California, or the surrounding Los Angeles area, you have another option to banish the appearance of under-eye circles with Belotero Balance® and the exceptionally talented Eugenia Berchenko, RN, BSN. At Face Place, where Eugenia practices her art of medical aesthetics, men and women with under-eye circles can get customized treatment with Belotero Balance, an FDA-approved dermal filler.

Hyaluronic acid helps

Belotero Balance contains hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in your skin. Hyaluronic acid helps keep your body and skin hydrated, but as you age, you produce less of it naturally. Combine this with the fact that your skin loses elasticity, fatty tissue, and collagen as you get older, and you can end up with visible blood vessels under your eyes that appear as under-eye bags or puffiness.

When Eugenia injects Belotero Balance into the area beneath your eyes, the hyaluronic acid in this dermal filler helps plump up your skin to give you a refreshed, younger-looking appearance. Belotero Balance can make the area around your eyes look brighter, smoother, and rejuvenated for 6-12 months, depending on how quickly your body absorbs the solution.

And this smooth injectable gel looks and feels natural, so you look like yourself, only more awake. Your skin won’t appear overdone or too tight.

Under-eye dermal fillers are quick and easy

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, dermal fillers are rather simple and painless, with a big pay-off of younger-looking skin. Eugenia customizes your Belotero Balance treatment based on your needs, which typically involves 3-5 injections in the area under each eye. The needle is very small, but you might feel a little pinch at the injection site.

Here at Face Place, we make your comfort one of our top priorities, so if you’re worried about pain, we can apply a topical numbing agent before you receive your dermal fillers. Eugenia may also recommend Belotero Balance in combination with other hyaluronic acid dermal fillers so you get the best results for your desired look.

You may experience some mild swelling immediately following your appointment, but this is temporary and usually resolves within a day. Aside from strenuous activity or sun exposure, you can go back to your daily activities right after your appointment.

Belotero Balance is better than concealer

When it comes under-eye bags or puffiness, Belotero Balance is a better solution than applying and reapplying concealer day after day, night after night. As the hyaluronic acid gel settles into the tissue beneath your skin, you can wake up looking as refreshed as you feel, every day.

Discover the benefits of Belotero Balance and the wide array of dermal fillers and other professional aesthetic services we offer at Face Place. To schedule an appointment, call (310) 855 1150, or use our convenient online booking tool. Evening appointments available.