Many people don’t realize that aging is a physical process. As ultraviolet rays from sunlight batter your skin, over time, skin becomes dry and loses its elasticity. While this process is inevitable, there are many things you can do to stall visible aging and even improve your skin’s appearance. For those who are wary of, or have already tried Botox treatment, dermal fillers can be a great alternative.

  1. Reducing Laugh Lines and Wrinkles

More than any other animal on earth, humans communicate with facial expressions. As you go through life, the 43 muscles in the face literally write the story of your life onto the relatively thin skin around your eyes, cheeks, and mouth. Unfortunately, dry, wrinkled skin can make cheeks and other parts of your face appear lifeless. By plumping thin skin, fillers drastically reduce the appearance of wrinkles, indented scars and lines around the eyes.

  1. Restoring Volume

One of the most common complaints prospective cosmetic patients bring up is a lack of volume in and around the lips. Dermal fillers work by adding hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin, so lips can regain their former fullness. Fillers can also address other patient concerns such as a shallow appearance in the cheeks, certain asymmetries and chin creases.

  1. Putting You in Charge

Fillers are considered a temporary, non-invasive treatment and can be applied as often as necessary to maintain the appearance of your skin. Normally, this is advised between several months and two years. Since fillers are more affordable than invasive procedures, many people choose to continue treatments indefinitely. A medical professional is required to apply a filler, so you can discuss any questions or concerns you have with them during a pre-treatment consultation.

If you think you might benefit from dermal fillers, you should contact an experienced professional. Speak with Eugenia Berchenko RN for more information today!