Sometimes women find that sex isn’t quite delivering the pleasure that it’s supposed to. Over time, there can be many reasons that women might have trouble achieving an orgasm, resulting in an underwhelming, or even painful experience. Cliovana has been proven as a means by which women can regain the ability to engage in agreeable intercourse.

What Is Cliovana?

Cliovana is a service offered by Eugenia Berchenko RN and promotes sexual health rejuvenation in women. It is a non-surgical means of increasing orgasm frequency and intensity for women. It employs sound wave technology to promote the growth of nerve endings and blood vessels in the clitoris.

A true female sexual enhancer, by increased blood flow into the clitoris, women will feel increased sensation and sensitivity during lovemaking. Further, Cliovana soundwave therapy is pain-free and the results can last for up to a year.

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Another reason women might have trouble achieving a happy sexual experience is that they might perceive that they have too much body hair. Eugenia Berchenko RN offers laser hair removal that can not only change the way that a woman looks, but can have a positive psychological impact, as well.

Sexual health is important and Cliovana can promote both the health and enjoyment of women’s sexual experiences. Visit Eugenia Berchenko RN online to learn more about the profound benefits of employing Cliovana to rejuvenate your sexual health.