A new era in women’s sexual health is dawning with Cliovana. For too long, the focus has been on men’s ability to orgasm. That changes now.

This device uses sound waves to help women realize their full sexual potential. It has some surprising benefits for those women who have difficulty becoming aroused and reaching orgasm.

Cliovana Improves Your Sex Life

Increasing blood flow and vaginal sensitivity can make it easier for you to orgasm. This allows you to have a healthier sex life.

A healthy sex life for women has a myriad of other benefits. Some of these include:

  • Improved bladder control
  • Lower risk of a heart attack
  • Lower stress
  • Immediate pain relief
  • Better intimacy with your partner
  • Improved self-esteem

According to the Center for Women’s Health at Oregon Health and Science University, a healthy sex life does all of the above.

It Increases Desire

Desire is important to female sexual health. It would not do any good to improve lubrication or orgasm without improving the inclination to have sex.

Unlike many products designed for men, this treatment increases your desire to engage in intimate relations. This allows you to realize the full benefits of a healthy sex life.

If you are ready to improve your sexual health, Eugenia Berchenko RN can help. Book your appointment today and discover what Cliovana can do for you.