If you want to treat lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin but you don’t want to have surgery, consider signing up for Sofwave skin tightening and lifting. Here’s how to make the most of your treatment with Eugenia Berchenko.

Choose the Right Time

This FDA-approved new aesthetic medical device works best if you use it in your 30s or later. Before you turn 30, your collagen probably has not broken down too much, so your skin retains its elasticity. Once your 20s are over, though, signing up for Sofwave is a great way to catch your wrinkles before they spread.

Choose the Right Areas

Some people’s collagen breaks down throughout their entire faces, causing wrinkles everywhere, whereas others have isolated issues with sagging skin. Talk to one of our consultants about whether you need Sofwave treatments on your entire face or just your neck, lower face, or forehead.

Choose the Right Direction

Once your skin heating and restoration session is over, ask your practitioner about the best practices for aftercare. Although many patients only need Sofwave skin tightening and lifting treatments once, you can have multiple heating sessions if your face’s collagen needs further restoration.

Choose a Skin-Focused Lifestyle

Whether you need a second session or not, prioritize taking care of your skin to preserve the collagen that you’ve just produced. Always wear sunscreen when you are outside between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., especially if you’re at the beach or another area with lots of reflection. Get plenty of sleep each night to allow your body to naturally produce more collagen, and avoid fast foods that clog up your pores and promote fat development.

Eugenia is committed to using aesthetic technological advancements to repair and nurture your skin. To find out more or to ask questions about Sofwave skin tightening and lifting, visit her site or call her office at 310-855-1150.