If you’re one of the millions of women looking for improved intimacy, you know just how frustrating the issue can be. Fortunately, the innovative treatment Cliovana is instrumental for a healthy sex life for women. The treatment is administered safely and painlessly by certified professionals.

Stimulates Blood Flow

Strong blood flow is an essential component of female sexual health. Cliovana’s unique and non-invasive technology stimulates blood flow to the clitoris. Gentle sound waves improve circulation throughout the region.

Better circulation leads to more enjoyable sex because it induces heightened sensitivity and lubrication. Both elements are important for greater sexual satisfaction.

Encourages New Cells

Not only does Cliovana promote better circulation, but it also encourages new cells to form in the genitals. The painless treatment increases clitoral blood vessels and nerve endings, which are instrumental in increasing the frequency and intensity of orgasms.

This therapy is effective without needles or numbing agents. There is no need for any recovery time because the sessions are completely non-invasive. Positive effects last up to a year or more due to new cellular growth and improved blood flow.

Cliovana may be the right treatment for you if you’re interested in a better sex life. For more information and how to book an appointment, contact EugeniaBerchenkoRN.

Sexual health is important and Cliovana can promote both the health and enjoyment of women’s sexual experiences. Visit Eugenia Berchenko RN online to learn more about the profound benefits of employing Cliovana to rejuvenate your sexual health.