Look Your Best This Holiday Season With a Little Help From Botox®️

The end of another year is here, and you may be noticing a few signs of the times. If you gained some new wrinkles in 2019, B

There’s a reason Botox®️ still tops the lists of cosmetic procedures — it works. No need for painful face-lifts that come with needles, knives, discomfort, and downtime. Botox can take years off your face just in time for the holidays.

Botox’s continued popularity means it’s widely available, but there’s a catch. If not handled by an expert, Botox injections can go horribly wrong. Do yourself and your face a favor: Choose a qualified professional trained in the art and science of Botox injections. 

At Face Place in West Hollywood, California, Eugenia Berchenko, RN, is a licensed Botox technician who specializes in a variety of cosmetic treatments, such as dermal fillers, Kybella®, IPL photofacials, and skin rejuvenation. Her primary focus is to help you safely and effectively attain your aesthetic goals. If you’ve been wondering about the benefits of Botox, here are a few things you should know.

Is Botox safe?

Because Botox is derived from a toxin, you’re right to ask questions about its safety. Why would anyone voluntarily inject a harmful substance into their body?

The answer is that your body has an amazing ability to adapt and respond to various stimuli and substances, and sometimes a little bad does a lot of good. For instance, when you receive a vaccination for chickenpox, your body gets to work building up an immunity to it so that the next time you’re exposed, you’re well-equipped to fight it off. 

When Eugenia injects Botox into your facial muscles, your body responds by ceasing the contractions of those muscles, but it doesn’t react with an adverse effect like illness. After many years of use and research, FDA-approved Botox has proven safe and effective when administered by a trained professional.

Can Botox really get me ready for the holidays?

One of the best benefits of Botox is that it’s fast and easy. Your session with Eugenia only takes a few minutes, and many people like to come in on their lunch breaks. 

As soon as the Botox reaches its target, it relaxes the tiny muscles in your face that crease your skin every time you smile and frown. Because it’s taken years for those lines to form, it may take two or three days for you to see the outward effects of what’s going on under the surface. By day seven, you can expect a much smoother, younger-looking image in the mirror.

So if you have an office party coming up or a New Year’s Eve bash, come in and see Eugenia a week ahead of your event so you can put your best face forward.

Meet Botox’s cousin

Naturally, because Botox has been so effective for so long, there was bound to be an influx of similar treatments. One of the most prominent and successful is Dysport®. 

Dysport is such a close relative of Botox that many people have difficulty understanding how they differ. Here’s a quick comparison:

We offer both of these effective treatments at Face Place. The best way to determine which product is best for your lines and wrinkles is to consult with Eugenia. Her experience and expertise are the best tools for making sure you choose the right treatment and get the right dose in just the right places. 

Now that you know Botox and Dysport can have you party-ready in a matter of days, call or book an appointment online today with Eugenia. You really can look your best this holiday season.

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